Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

We start the year by making sure all of our students hear the same internet safety lesson to help keep our students safe and start the conversations about our digital footprint, even at a young age.

Common Sense Media is a wonderful site to look for information, ideas and lessons to help teach students about being a responsible digital citizen.

I found a great resource that I used with my second grade students, a video called “Pause and Think Online”. I played the animated music video for my students, which they truly enjoy and start to sing along as we watch it together. Then we have a great class discussion about how to keep ourselves safe online, respect each other and give ourselves a balance of online and outside time.

Once we had this great discussion, I gave them each a bookmark, since what primary student doesn’t LOVE a bookmark

Students were in small groups, and were put to a task of creating a “poster” that tells about some of the information on their bookmarks. They were given choice to create with images of themselves, text or clipart. I gave them a time limit, and let them go on one of our favorite stand by apps, Pic Collage.

Here is our teacher example:

When the time was up, they were put on the task of posting their “poster” on their class Seesaw page and present it to the class.

Great job second graders!

Instructional Coach Lissa Blake


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